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we offer the best products with the best price, while we do the projects we always aim the satisfy of our clients pre and after sales, lighting is mission that we took, so it is not only a job for us to make money it far away beyond that. Al Rouf team has a huge experience in the lighting business which we use in every point of the project from the design phase going the logistic and delivery ending with the installations part and the maintenance.


we assigns a high qualified Engineers to the working crow, although there are so many products in the market we carefully select our products to give the client the most reliable ones with the best price, which appears directly on the warranty which we provide, we are proudly giving 10 years warranty on some of our high duty products while other don’t give half that period. we also take on our hand the responsibility of educating all our clients about LEDs technologies and benefits and how important that they shift as soon as they clan from traditional lighting to LED. above all we give the client a fully detailed proposal showing all the required information that will help him to take an easy call like ( the products life, power consumption, expected saving ROI, lux calculations) and so on.


After Sales

we do after sales services & answer for all our customers requirements.


We use a very high efficiency products.


Competitive prices compared with the high quality of lighting materials

Light Design

We do lighting design and we offer mutable options to the clients end.


Fast delivery for all parts of Saudi Arabia





We take immense pleasure in introducing to you Al Rouf Lighting Technology Company, a Saudi well established company in the business of importing, exporting, supplying and installation of LED lighting Fixtures.
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