About Us


Al Rouf lighting Technology Co. Ltd.

I take immense pleasure in introducing to you Al Rouf Lighting Technology Company, a Saudi well established company in the business of importing, exporting, supplying and installation of LED lighting Fixtures.

We understand today’s global focus on Power saving which reflects directly on the survival of natural recourses, their four we concentrated our scope of work on well manufactured high-efficient LED products. 
Supported by a will known partners such as Philips, Pelsan, Dialight, Light Mastersand Fiberli. We undertake bulk operations of Street lighting, , Factories, warehouses, Offices, Schools, Airports and all kinds of construction projects Keeping and carrying out a true commitment to improve and Lead the Lighting business in the Kingdom.

We will be honored to arrange a personal introductory session to further emphasize on our company’s capabilities whenever it is needed

Looking forward to get in touch with your origination.

Our Goals and mission

We are not just a company, we are unique solution provider that aims the satisfaction of their clients in every step of the project. We combine the experience with art and engineering to provide a solution that meets the clients requirements. With the help of our high qualified staff, We provide lighting service from A to Z in all manners starting from the lighting design and the products selection, going through the logistic and martial handling until the installation part.

Lighting for us is not a Job it is a Passion