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We offer the best products with the best price. We always aim the satisfaction of our clients pre and after sales. Lighting is a mission that we took, so it is not only a job but a lifelong passion.
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Lighting Design

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Project Cycle


In this stage we collect all the needed data such as facility application, existing lighting system, power consumption, CAD drawing and environment.


We put all collected data into the table, and we use the latest technology in lighting design (Dialux) to get the best lighting solutions.


We make 2 or 3 different solutions that have variation of cost and savings depending on the site and client requirements.

Return of

For every solutions we submit Return of Investment study that explains an in dept details of the savings and initial cost of the solution and the payback period.


We always advice our clients to install free of charge samples to ensure our design results and at the same time the clients can perceive our lighting solutions in a realistic view.


We work hand to hand with the supplier and the courier to deliver the goods in the shortest time. The client is always updated by all means. In terms of courier we always work with the best regardless of the cost or value of the project.


We will be there in all phases of the project giving all the needed support by the client. We even do turnkey projects if requested by the client.


We provide training for any contractor who will do the job for the end client. We always support them when technical issues arises.


Warranty and maintenance service are issued to all clients around the country or regardless where is the location of the client


SIPCHEM reform area combination of highbay and area light is not only inefficient and unacceptable for the continuous emitting higher degree temperature, but they also make it difficult for staff to perform their work without the use of supplemental, temporary, portable lights. In addition, ongoing maintenance is a challenge. Worker must build scaffolding and timely changing lamps and accessories with portable lighting. Heat emission from equipment causing fixture failures, so maintenance is an on-going process.
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