Al Rouf LED

Alrouf LED Low Intensity Solar Powered Aircraft Warning Dual Light

Warning Sign
Click the relevant product code in the table above to access the Flood Light (IES file) files and the installation instructions for your luminaire.


  • Continuous working time in rainy day can reach more than 18 days (12 hours a day).
  • Photocell can switch ON/OFF the light in rainy days or at night automatically.
  • Can customize both lamp flashing synchronously or alternately.
  • Standardization of optical design, high photoelectric conversion efficiency.
  • Adopts special customized LED chip,transfer efficiency and service life is higher than normal LED.
  • Provide ability of lightning protection, light fastness, resist snow and rain.
  • Inner adopts replaceable solar lithium iron phosphate battery, whose service life can above 5 years.
  • With bird needle to prevent bird drop.
  • No radio frequency (rf), no electromagnetic interference.
  • Steady working, low cost
Check out the instructions in which we explain what can be read from these graphs.

GS-LS/T Low-intensity Solar Powered Dual Aviation Obstruction Light

GS-LS/T Low-intensity Solar Powered Dual Aviation Obstruction Light adopts insert high efficient solar panels integrated design, Control circuit adopts micro-power consumption, which reduce controlling circuit ’s power consumption.

Light source adopts high efficient LED chip, which has specific of high light intensity, low power consumption, long service life and so on.

The product base is made of stainless steel integrated that has the specific of light weight and corrosion insistence. It's very convenient for installation and transportation.

Lampshade adopts PC material, which can corrosion resistance, anti-UV anti-shock.

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