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LED Solar Street Light

ALROUF LED lamps are the next generation in solid state lighting Technology. Our LED fixtures combine highly efficient LED modules and drivers that allow our lamps an superior efficacy and efficiency.

The fixture produces high lumen output reducing your energy consumption up to 80% of your current use. Our product utilizes specially engineered product design that eliminates a shadowing effect, giving you clean crisp light output. The die-cast aluminum housing is effective in waterproofing and dust prevention. It also helps in removing heat properly from the fixture housing. The surface of the light is specially treated, so that it is able to bear ultraviolet rays and resist corrosion. This unit produces no glare.


1. Adopt unique modular cooling structure to solve the problems of the traditional integration type heat dissipation structure.This unique structure also Ensure the reliability of the leds.
2. The unique light distribution design.Adopt free surface lens to realize accurate light distribution.The light distribution curve was designed targeted optimization according to the practical road conditions.
3. The unique secondary light distribution and direct reflect mixture design,no light pollution,no Lens Flare,No RF interference,Light transmittance as high as 98%.
4. Use Philips5050 2D LED source is adopted, saving 80% energy than the incandescent light, high reliability, life span more than 50,000 hours.
5. No pollution to grid.Power factor can be 0.95 or higher, harmonic distortion can be 20% or less, EMI conforms to the global index,so as to Reduce the electric energy loss of the power supply circuit and avoid the high frequency interference pollution to power grid.
6. Monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic solar panels. split Solar light model in which the solar panel is separated from the LED and other electrical components. This design allows the installation personnel to adjust the orientation of the solar panel to allow maximum sunlight exposure and collect the greatest amount of solar energy. Again, because of this design, the highest 120W model of this series is available, which can produce a sufficient amount of brightness up to 15600lm with its high performance Philips Lumileds 3030 LED chip.

Applications areas:

Widely used in all kinds of road lighting: expressway, Trunk Road and Welcome Road, main roads to government agencies and large public buildings, road of downtown and Business center secondary main road, branch, residential roads, and sidewalk, also can be used in general building, square, goods football yard, and scenic spot. Can be installed on the lamp-post of 10m-12m.

Technical Specification

Wattage range
40W-60W (Variable)
Lumen per watt
Input Voltage:
AC 100~277V
Frequency (Hz):
50/60 Hz
Led Type:
Philips 5050
IP Protection:
Power Factor (PF):
Power Efficiency:
Color Index (CRI):
Color Temperature:
Operating Temperature:
(-30 ~ + 45)℃
Led Lifespan:
50,000 hours
Material Housing:
Aluminum alloy(Gray Color)
Type Ⅱ, Type Ⅲ
Solar Controller
EPEVER, Remote Power
LED Driver
Meanwell / SOSEN & UL /CE/ROHS Compliant


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