Al Rouf LED
Al Rouf LED

Well Glass Luminaire for Industrial Application

This luminaire is a robust general-purpose luminaire with a reminiscent design of industrial environments. It offers a durable and versatile solution for many applications, especially in exposed conditions with high levels of dust and moisture, such as bridges, paper mills, power plants, ports and rail yards, petrochemical facilities, water and waste water treatment plants, perimeters and secure areas.

This comes with the mains and emergency version from the backup battery, and sturdy glass or diffused polycarbonate lens options. Producing 4,680lm light output and suitable for a wide range of ambient temperatures from -45°C to +50°C. It is a perfect replacement of traditional incandescent and most tungsten halogen lights for both indoor and outdoor applications, and operates for up to 50,000 hours eliminating revamping in many applications.

You can download data sheets to our website at

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